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This post is especially written to help anyone in the entertainment industry with their personal branding online, their persona and to help break them out into jobs they want to get using tactics on the internet.

The piece is written by a Silicon Valley branding executive and a Los Angeles digital branding coach, so that you get the best of both markets…the technical strategy from Silicon Valley and the industry knowledge of Los Angeles.

Social media has changed how we look at life and those around us. It’s a reflection of you, but it also has a significant impact on how people see you. Let’s face it, how you’re viewed affects tons of things in your life. How much money you make, your career, and even who you date.

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Your social media persona plays a large role in that. You know this, right? Employers search your social profiles before they hire you, potentially positive networking contacts always look at you online before connecting and first impressions happen at lightning speed. First impressions are also happening in a ton of places like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram & Twitter.

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We’re consistently coaching and training people on how important their first impression is online and today, we’d like to point out just HOW that first impression can change things for you and how you can make a better one with your social profiles.

Job – Which one would you hire?
Dating – Who would someone rather date?
Ok, minus the description, but you get the point about having a good photo, right?

Getting a raise – Who would you give a raise to?
Choosing a service provider – Which is better?
It’s pretty obvious that you’re online impression matters, but just how much does it matter? Well, we looked into to. Here are some interesting stats that directly affect your income and how it relates to how you present yourself online.

So, how can you improve it? Start by thinking about where people can see you online. This list includes:

  • Social media profiles
  • Company websites
  • Family & friends social profiles
  • Blogs or forums
  • Yelp
  • TripAdvisor
  • Reddit
  • IMDB
  • Periscope
  • Messenger apps
  • Tinder or other dating apps

This may seem rather intricate to suggest that you change all of these accounts, but believe it or not, people build an impression of you every time they see you at all of these sites.

I sat down with brand expert Phil Pallen, who works with Hollywood & TV Celebrities on their online image and got some serious insight on what most common fails he sees on people’s digital persona.

“It’s easy to get lost when it comes to your brand. You’re in it. You’re immersed. It’s tough to step back and look at the big picture.

The most common issue I see with brands’ social media accounts is a lack of strategy. People forget that every post is an opportunity to be unforgettable. (The irony of that sentence doesn’t escape me.) No one cares what you eat for breakfast, so why are you posting it? Post something of value. Make your brand indispensable.

People think that social media is all about sales. They see posts as transactional. They couldn’t be more wrong. Social media is a relationship-building tool. It isn’t for broadcast. Your fans might be interested to know in your products, but no one likes to be sold to. Don’t underestimate your audience.

Another recurring problem I see is underestimating the value for photography. Strong visuals are your biggest weapon. Instagram influencers get paid $5k to give product endorsements to brands, but it’s not just an apathetic image: These influencers creatively inject their endorsement into beautiful photography. You should look at your own brand in a similar way. Push the creative limit for photos and set a high standard for every single pic that leaves your account. Put care into your content and your audience will begin to care right back.

No matter what the major issue is, I always recommend that clients get to know their brand at a distance. Try to understand what it is that other people see. Whether it’s your best friend or a customer, do a quick survey to see what keywords are associated with your brand externally. Figure out what it is that makes your company (or you) special – and then amplify that personality online. Brand awareness goes a long way.”

Here’s how you can change your online persona and make more money.

Find Hidden Career Opportunities Right Now With 1 Change

Employers, directors and decision makers all check Facebook, Twitter & Instagram before hiring anyone. It’s just part of the process now.

As much as you’d like to think your qualifications matter, they don’t if you’ve got a bad look online.

If you think any decision maker is looking at your social profiles after you’ve auditioned or interviewed for the gig, you’re dead wrong.

As soon as they see your name on an application, a list or hear about you from a referral, they’re already looking you up.

Know your audience, don’t post photos of you partying, and post intelligently. What do I mean by “post intelligently”? Choose things you’re passionate about, that actually matter, and post those.

Get involved in something worthwhile, and show that. Follow these basic rules about posting on social media:

  1. Be consistent (a few times per week)
  2. Be mindful (post things that matter in the long run)
  3. Best foot forward (Don’t post it if it doesn’t look great)
  4. Cross promote (Influencers or friends with a cause)
  5. Make friends with the right people (you know who that is)

A great example of following these guidelines is a friend of mine who told me he got contacted by a major cleaning brand asking him to be on their marketing team after posting this post on Facebook with their brand in it.


Increase Jobs and Opportunities by 300% in 3 Months

A while ago, there was a website study done that showed increased traffic drastically by blogging three times per day, along with a few other things. So I decided to try it out on my corporate website, and it worked.

If you don’t have a blog, make one. Here’s a start guide if you don’t know anything about it. If you already have a blog, you can contact us for some advanced strategies.

  1. Buy your domain name
  2. Use a blog template
  3. Start blogging at least twice a week
  4. Write about things you love
  5. Start using a publishing calendar
  6. Become an subject matter expert
  7. Write exclusive content
  8. Get a ghost writer if you can’t write

One you do this for a month or so, you’ll start to see your job opportunities increase drastically. Take a look at what I got sent to me just a week after I start blogging a lot.

These are what we call inbound marketing leads. People that see you online, and contact you about working together.

If you do this consistently, you’ll be able to take your pick from opportunities.

Why You’re Not Connecting With Industry Insiders

Everyone knows you have to be in the right place at the right time to get meet insiders right? Well, you can do that online too.

The truth is, you’ve got a better chance of connecting with them online than offline.

Who you know is all that really matters, so let’s focus on that.

Basically, you need to be where they are online. If they hang out on Quora and look at the “Who’s the best director?” questions, then start participating on those types of conversations.


If your insiders hangout on IMDB or have a lot of data listed there, then start participating in the comments there. Target the appropriate pages they’re listed on, and contribute however you can, either adding facts or comments.


Whatever industry you’re in, find the blogs and forums that you can participate in. Contribute enough to make a known name for yourself. People will start to see you adding content, and it will be easier to meet them.

Each $2,000 More Per Month With 1 Easy Step

Start building an email list. If you’re an entrepreneur that has a product, you can easily earn $2,000 more per month in a few months by building an email list.

Let’s say you offer massage service to your local area, and right now you have 10 clients per month at a $200 per session price, that’s $2,000 that you’re earning now.

Imagine if you had a website with a call to action like this. Let’s also say that you started to offer 1 free session for each person that signed up for your email list. If you follow the first few steps above about blogging and making a personal website, and get a few hundred visitors each day.


If this offer were about massage, you can assume that 10 out of your 100 visitors per day would sign up. That’s 300 new emails per month.

If you qualify them right, you could give the free massage to a limited number of them, and out of 300 new leads, 30 of those would probably repeat business with you. (At a 10% average close ratio).

That means 30 X $200 per session, with some room for drop off, get’s you an extra $2,000 per month.

Collecting emails is one of the biggest ways to increase new sales and opportunities for yourself.

Get The Respect You Need To Break Into The Industry

Every public instance of your brand is an opportunity to win someone over. And, considering that things online stay public forever, you want to make it look good.

In my book Shut Up and Tweet, I outline the importance of a first impression on Twitter, but these principles extend to all social media platforms. Your profiles should tell an audience two things: who you are and why they should care. If your profiles miss the mark on either, consider your opportunity to nail that job application, meet your future partner, or snag that new client lost. That’s how serious I am.

Here’s one secret to rocking your brand online: opt for simplicity. If everything is simple, it’s automatically cohesive. That means choosing a basic color scheme, a consistent typeface, regular filter on all photos, and straightforward copy. It may seem counterintuitive, but the less you give someone to read and see, the more control you have over which parts of your brand are registered. Siphon your brand down to its core and you’ll be pleased by how effective it is.

Meet A Listers Easily By Doing This Every Week

Learn how to network properly. Your network is arguably the single handed most important asset that you own. What’s great is it’s free, if you know how to do it right.

Tim Ferriss gives these tips and more in a recent podcast about networking. If you follow these and mine on top, you’ll end up talking to an A lister as frequently as every week.

At Conferences

  • Approach the host on stage, not the a lister.
  • Look for the guy waiting a few feet from the A lister (that’s probably his publicist)
  • Wait 2 weeks to follow up with important people you met.
  • Don’t bug people for not answering previous emails.
  • Never pitch someone that has a long line.

Take a look at this picture taken by my photographer, Larry Wong, at the 2015 Web Congress event in Los Angeles. It’s a panel discussion about the tech scene in San Francisco vs. Los Angeles….the host, a well known friend of mine, Ouali Benmeziane, probably has the best network on stage.


In your everyday life

  • Treat everyone like they are an A lister (you’ll start meeting them if they are connected)
  • Be in the right places (Not restaurants or bars, but schools, grocery stores, etc.)
  • Connect with influencers (Photographers, event organizers & charities)
  • Understand how to work LinkedIn

Learn To Pitch Like A Super Star


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  1. Don’t talk too much
  2. Don’t focus on you
  3. Don’t oversell the idea
  4. It’s not all about your product
  5. Tell a great story
  6. Don’t talk about pricing too early
  7. Don’t hard sell in a pitch
  8. Make sure to solve a problem
  9. Don’t expect a product to sell itself
  10. Don’t use the term “fees”

Here’s a great example of a pitch deck by Dave Mcclure did that got amazing responses and lots of traffic on Slideshare. Study and learn folks.

Let’s face it, you need to be remembered if you want to get anywhere with a pitch. So let’s focus only on that, how to be remembered. Nothing else really matters.


Write this down. The main components of any good pitch are:

Part 1 – A great story
It’s always necessary, so make or find some great stories.

Part 2 – A trip wire
Something that’s too good to be true, but it, so the audience will listen.

Part 3 – Solve a problem
Otherwise, no one will care, buy, remember, or even stay for the pitch.

Part 4 – Awesome creatives
Simplicity rules, alternatives (like make people notice.

You’re Losing 77% Of Your Audience When You Do This today classifies watching a video longer than 1 second as a “view” for their statistics. That’s an indication that people have incredibly short attention spans.

That doesn’t just count for strangers viewing you, that includes your friends and family.

Bottom line, if you don’t speak well and express emotion, you’re getting ignored.

If you want to be regarded as a credible person, get more job opportunities, increase your salary, get noticed and more gigs, take some acting or speaking classes. Here’s two great ways to get tons better at public speaking quickly. Speech Class


Acting Class


When you don’t hold someone’s attention for longer than 12 seconds, you lose 77% of your audience.

Start Marketing Yourself Through Your Current Job
(Bonus for office job audience)

Start blogging on your company’s blog. This is the fastest and easiest way to start getting some publicity for yourself.

Here’s how a good blog page should look.
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Think about it, you probably know a lot about your current job role, and your marketing department probably wants to share how great all the expertise is, right?

If your writing isn’t good, or your sentences aren’t up to par, start using the Hemingway app to help you get better at writing.

Here’s how it looks

It’ll highlight the bad sentences so you can focus on changing them to something better. You’ll save 50% more time using this app. It’s paid, but worth it.

If you can, start participating in blogs posts either by getting quoted in a post, or by writing one yourself. A good pro tip here is to start practicing writing so that you’ll be easily accepted. Here’s a great guide on how to be a good writer.

We’ve ran across so many clients over the years from corporate execs to actors that don’t understand that their style is being watched all the time.

We’ve see clients who have gotten some publicity and get randomly photographed and then get mocked publicly because they drive something ugly or dress frumpy.

Taking the time to give your online image the makeover it deserves will result in more attention, more opportunities, and more money for you. We’ve been helping clients do just this for years, and these are the principles that hold true.

You’re getting judged by how you look online constantly, make sure you look great.

About the authors

Clayton Wood


Clayton is a brand and digital marketing expert that runs an agency in San Francisco and helps people and brands generate traffic and business growth. You can check him out at or on Twitter @ClaytonWWood

Phil Pallen
Phil’s is a branding guru from Los Angeles who works with personalities and brands in the media get more exposure online. He’s helped some of the most intrumental personal brands online and you can read more about him at or on Twitter @PhilPallen

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