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This story starts with me and my local grocery store in San Francisco. The owner there and I have known each other for a few months now, and we talk every time I visit the store. We talk about our lives outside of work, travel, and what’s going on in the city.

We’ve sat down and had a coffee, we both know each other’s preferences, social status and groups we hang out in. What’s great about this is that every time I go in, he’s suggesting something new the store has to try, it’s typically stuff that I like.

This guy really knows his customers. And for this reason, I keep buying mostly whatever he recommends.

If you’re doing any kind of Facebook marketing, you’re probably familiar with the Insights platform that shows stats about your audience in any Facebook page.


The problem here is that these insights are not available for personal accounts, where a lot of people do promotion for businesses.

Ever since Facebook closed the option to promote personal posts, we’re all left guessing at who our biggest viewers are.

Alas, there is a way to see who’s been viewing your profile, and let’s be honest, you’re not going to use this hack for marketing…you only want to know who’s stalking you, right?

Despite all of the fake sites that claim to show you who’s viewing your profile, there is a way to get a relatively good idea of who visits your profile, and who visits the most.


Here’s how…

Method #1: How To Tell Who’s Viewing Your Profile The Most

Facebook prioritizes the friends in your chat list using an algorithm based on how often you communicate with them. From my research, it takes into account recent interactions and frequency of tagged posts.

The people at the top of your chat list are shown your posts the most often. These people are the ones viewing your profile the most out of your friends list.


Method #2: Translating Groups & Chat Into Viewers

if you use this feature much you’ve probably noticed a “seen by” option there which shows you who’s seen the post. What’s interesting is that if you match this data with who’s on the “InitialChatFriendsList”

What exactly is the “InitialChatFriendsList”? Glad you asked. It’s a system that shows in the Facebook code that actually leaves a trail to discover who’s looking at your profile.

How To View The InitialChatFriendsList

If you’d like to view this list, it’s pretty simple, since it’s right in the code on your Facebook page. Follow these steps.

  1. Right click and select “View Page Source”
  2. “Command F” or “Control F” on your keyboard (Mac & PC)
  3. Enter “InitialChatFriendsList” into the search box.


It’ll look like this


How To Match These Numbers With Names

To check out who’s profile number this is, copy the number of the profile you want to view on your clipboard. Then past it behind this URL in your


Once you hit enter, Facebook will pull up the profile of that person. That’s who’s been viewing your profile.

I Know That Seems Like A Lot of Work, But…

if you’re like me, and personal branding is important for promoting your company, the products you sell, or the relationships you build with your customers, then this becomes very relevant.

Hope this helps clear out some mystery to who’s viewed your profile, when and why. Even though you can’t get an alert or a dashboard for how your personal profile is doing, you can assume that the people you’re closest to, see you the most.

If you’re in business, you’ll need a lot more than a few Peeping Tom’s to actually make an impact. For that, you can find some more serious help here.

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